Liquid Light Calcium
Signs of Calcium deficiency:
- Aching joints
- Associated with cognitive impairment, convulsions, depression, delusions and hyperactivity
- Brittle nails
- Eczema
- Elevated blood cholesterol
- Heart palpitations
- Hypertension (high blood pressure)
- Insomnia
- Muscle cramps
- Nervousness
- Numbness in the arms and/or legs
- Pasty complexion
- Rheumatoid arthritis
- Rickets
- Tooth decay

Health concerns – Calcium is used for:
- Celiac disease
- Gingivitis (periodontal disease)
- Kidney stones
- Migraine headaches
- Multiple sclerosis
- Painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea)
- Pregnancy and postpartum support
- Premenstrual syndrome
- Rickets

What Calcium does:
- Aids in neuromuscular activity
- Essential in blood clotting
- Formation of strong bones and teeth and maintenance of healthy gums
- Healthy skin
- Helps prevent cancer
- Helps prevent cardiovascular disease
- Involved in the activation of several enzymes, including lipase (which breaks down fat for utilization by the body)
- Lowers cholesterol levels
- Maintains proper cell membrane permeability
- Maintenance of a regular heartbeat
- May increase the rate of bone growth and bone mineral density in children
- May lower blood pressure
- Needed for muscular growth and contraction
- Participates in the protein structuring of RNA and DNA
- Prevent bone loss associated with osteoporosis
- Prevention of muscle cramps
- Protects against the development of preclampsia during pregnancy
- Protects bones and teeth from lead by inhibiting absorption of this toxic metal
- Provides energy
- Transmission of nerve impulses

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