Here's just some of what our clients have said. Leave one of your own by clicking here!

Chris Kehler is a Master Healer. My first session was an extraordinary experience with fantastic results: Immediate relief of sharp sciatica pains that have troubled me for years, a sense of lightness and well being during extraordinarily difficult times, stress relief, better sleep and overall improvement. Most of all, and most importantly for me, I have full faith and trust in his kindness and goodness of his heart, as should be any time you trust your soul and energy to a healer.

There are very few authentic ones out there and Chris is the best, by far. I look forward to my next session. Thank you from my heart, Chris!



Chris is absolutely the best, most phenomenal, amazing,brilliant healer I have ever met!! He has performed healing miracles for my family, friends and even pets many times! When there was no hope left, Chris swooped in with his Super powers and made miracles happen! Even my husband, who was very skeptical to believe in this sort of healing is a firm believer and admirer of Chris because he experienced the fast and furious super power of Chris for himself.

Even though I have commented on this before, I want to comment on this miracle again. When my mother was dying in hospice (St . Katherine, in Germany) and her cremation was scheduled I ask her on the phone, while the nurse was holding the phone for her, if Chris could send some healing and finally she said "Ja" (Yes) between all the growling and gurgling noises she was making. Everyone was there to say their Good Byes.

My mom was at the time was full of cancer, her liver, heart and kidneys were failing. The cancer was eating through her bones,blood,brain and every organ. One leg was paralyzed. She was a complete skeleton and had deep decubitus on her backside. Anyway, Chris send his fast and furious TQH power to her. 2 days later I called the Hospice facility in Flensburg, Germany and my mom answered, telling me that she was completely healed. She said the Doctors kept running in and out of her room speechless, double checking her name, her room ect. and didn't understand what had just happened. She said that they were going to send her back to the Nursing home, since she was not dying anymore. So far, she is the only one who has ever left that hospice facility alive.

Today, years later she tells me about every birthday party she goes to and the family outings she is enjoying. She loves to party! Anyway, I just want people to know what is possible. Miracles are possible, when Chris uses his true Source super powers! Infinite Gratitude from me and my family to You Chris for all the incredible work you do!

True Source Blessings, Appreciation, Love and continued TQH success true for you Perpetual!



My session was really interesting, I did not know really what to expect as I did not think I knew what my issues were other than that i did not have good sleep at nights and would be awakened by wierd vibes with feelings of fear and terror that would persist until day light. I would always wake up tired for that reason. I did ALL the usual things for driving away spirits and Banishing entities and it persisted. The best results I had was two weeks of peace when i worked with someone who gave me measures for cleansing.

I didn't know if Chris could help me, but I see where he was being called the reptilian energy healer and it seemed to fit the description so I booked my session. None of these things I mentioned during the session as I wanted to hear what he found working with his unique method of dowsing. A portal in my house that links to Saturn is what he told me and although strange to have heard, it is not strange any more because I remembered I had dreams that ETs were coming out of a space in my house. Plus I have a sister that finds that same space in the house to always feel cold and she even says it feels like a door or an opening is there. How bizzare is that.

All in all I feel a lot better. I sleep alright at nights. I am not being awakened at nights and I do not feel those strong sensations as though there is something moving around in my house. It has been a week, almost, since my session with Chris and I haven't paid him yet by the way, just so you know. Clearly his willing service to humanity and to just help, is clear testament to who he is.



Chris is a true Master at what he does. He made me feel at ease right away. After asking me a few questions to understand what had been bothering me, his methodology identified a lot of spells, blockage and parasites holding me back. I had a rash on my back for over a year that Chris identified as Shingles ( which I concur doesn't make most sense having it when you are in your early thirties). He also helped me with something holding me back at work. As a salesman I seemed to be doing worth than others yet working twice as hard. Now the shingles are gone and I seem to be doing better at work. I definitely felt a lot of energy shifting in me during my session with Chris and for one of the first times in my life really felt the activation of my solar plexus. Whatever issues you are currently dealing with Chris can help.



HEALER EXTRAORDINAIRE WITHOUT A DOUBT! Chris' work is BEYOND PHENOMENAL, ABSOLUTELY ASTONISHING WITH AN INSTANT RESPONSE REGARDLESS OF YOUR ISSUE (S); HIS TECHNIQUES ARE TRULY LIMITLESS; I RECEIVED STARTLING RESULTS IN AREAS WHERE ONLY A FEW KNOW HOW TO SOLVE, believe me, I've tried them all! I was in disbelief of his work until I viewed over 15 of his videos on You Tube...even for someone like me who is well-researched in all that is going on in this bizarre planet, and certified in most of the Holistic Modalities out there, (which I gave lengthy "trial runs" with my then client's); not achieving the expected results, all were given up except for Regression Therapy. I continued searching for advanced-new techniques for over 15 years under the category of Healing/Healers finding the same-old-stuff and gave up until a friend send me one of his videos. Even understanding his techniques, and the use of his tools after researching, and studying for over 20 years, I was still dubious that there was someone out there that had ALL the answers to spiritual and health issues that most Holistic Practitioners ARE CLUELESS OF! So... If you can believe that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, and YOU THINK OUT OF THE BOX, you too have finally found the answer (s) to all your issues. I neglected my health for over 25 years for the love of the almighty buck and ended up with 18 issues. The trauma of losing my little girl almost put me under with extreme heart palpitation, fainting, could not breath, loss of smell and taste...visited Emergency Care for the first time in my life...all they could tell me is if I fainted again, call 911. I fainted a couple more times, packed a bag and decided to get to the local first-time to run for traditional help...I was admitted immediately. After a three-day hospitalization, with every test they could run, the two doctors didn't have a clue why I had the symptoms, only that they found an extreme case of Spinal Stenosis, and scheduled me for emergency surgery; I elected for a Holistic approach and requested to be released. I received only minimal results with other Holistic work, UNTIL I DID THREE SESSIONS WITH CHRIS...with instant results in the areas of concern, and STUPEFYING RESULTS IN AREAS NOT ADDRESSED, I now know that I can be whole again, and will work with him until I'm back!


Quantum energy healing works!

It is nearly 3 years since my consultation with Chris, and with the perspective that time gives I can look back and see that the session I had with him really did have a positve effect on my life. Chris found the source of my sleep paralysis/night terrors and performed a clearing on that. Even though I hadn't mentioned it to Chris, he detected my low vitality, which I had suffered from for as long as I can remember and he performed a clearing on that too. Chris discovered that the root cause of these problems was an ancestral curse. I was initially a little sceptical after the session due mainly because I didn't feel anything happen when Chris carried out the clearings and also because I think it was too early to notice any real change. However, I can honestly say that I haven't had any more episodes of sleep paralysis since, and my vitality has greatly improved too.

Thank you Chris. Many blessings.


Miracle Worker

My brother Andy, who lives in Perth, Australia called me yesterday. Unfortunately he's been very poorly and has been told that he may have to have surgery to remove his intestine. He's been suffering from colitis for decades now unbeknown to me, I accidentaly found out 18 months ago from his daughter Emily who was living with me at the time, because he's very hard to get hold of as he works months at a time out in the bush, I made him an appointment with you at a time when I knew he'd be home for another daughters 18th birthday party, Emily was returning home for the party and was to tell her Dad about the appointment with you but completely forgot as teenagers have a tendency to do. As a result Andy didn't go ahead with the healing when you called which he now bitterly regrets!

If you would be so kind Chris to put him on your emergency list Andy would very much appreciate it, he said he'll have his phone with him at all times day and night and be on red red alert to take your call.

My friend Tracy and I have spent the last two days together, she's in great form and singing your praises like there's no tomorrow, she had a liver scan last week the results were phenomenal, bearing in mind that her body had been rejecting her liver for the past 15 years and she had been close to death on more one occasion and was also told her condition was incurable, her liver is know 100%, she laughingly said that even all the drinking she's done over the years didn't show up!

As you already know since her healing with you on the 4th April she never took a tablet again, which would normally land her in hospital in no time. She had blood tests done as usual every six weeks to monitor her liver and very severe colitis, in October her liver consultant called her in, he said he was very pleased to see such consistently good blood results (which were never normally the case) and was shocked when Tracy told him that she hasn't taken any of her meds since 4th April. He was speechless for a while and looked very confused. Eventually he asked why, what made her stop her meds, Tracy told him that on the 4th April she had a call from Canada, his name is Chris Kehler a quantum healer, highly recommend by her friend, By the time the call had ended she knew that something extraordinary had took place and instinctively knew that she no longer needed the meds!! She continued to tell him that after 15 years of daily pain, fatigue, nausea and at times close to death, she now feels full of life, strong, and no pain whatsoever!! At this point the consultant looked so shaken up that she felt a little sorry for him. As she was getting up to leave he asked for your name and he wrote it down. The recent results of her scan has confirmed Tracy's healing without any question of doubt, and that's all thanks to the wonderful work you do Chris.

I'm of the opinion Chris that you may not be aware of even a fraction of the miracles you achieve. All love and power to you Chris, you so deserve it.

Hector P

Powerful stuff!

An hour or so before my session I started feeling a cold coming up, bad. During our session we worked through the issues I had on my list and the cold/flu symptoms diminished... after the session, and I was made aware that in general I could probably feel worse before I felt better, I got probably the worst two hours in recent memory... shivers, fever, awful... after a shower and a couple of actions I took (meditation, light therapy), had a great night and within a day started feeling perfect... I am guessing all is part of the process... I will likely schedule a follow up session with Chris to continue working on my stuff and better understand what happened... but I can say I felt THE power of something... really awesome...

Hector P

Well worth the session.

My 90 year old mother has copd/asthma,neuropathy in her feet,memory starting to fail,heart beat sometimes slow and irregular. These are the major ones.

Other aliments ...restless leg,vision off ,left knee cap bothers her sometimes, hearing not as good as used to be,age spots on face. She had an appointment with Chris ,Jan 2017. Her weezing is almost all gone...she has feeling and balance in her feet, arthritis in knee and hand GONE, she can hear much better. Amazing..she has energy like never before. She said he took 20 years off her life...she is now 70 not 90!!! We will see Chris again in a few months.

Nancy D

The White Wizard

Do not hesitate to contact Chris to help you. He has helped myself and my family with chronic diseases, pain, and negative energy. I am Thankful and Grateful to Chris K. for being in our lives and doing his healing, altruistic work. BLESSINGS.

Isabella S

Approachable, knowledgeable and caring.

I'm a regular with Chris and after every session I feel refreshed and cleared of all problems. I play sports at a high level and the information received helps me recovery faster from injury and also perform at a higher level. Many thanks Chris.

Niall K

Peaceful, non-local healing. Very subtle, but effective.

Very peaceful session. I felt things happening on different levels and it is hard to describe. I felt very open to the experience, and I think that improved the effects. My nose has been congested off and on for years. For the first time in forever, it is opening up. I have also felt more peaceful and aware over the last day, I think from the nature of this experience. Thanks Chris!

Nick K

Coming into my power...

Since I started to connect with Chris and embracing the powerful clearings, it has greatly fast forwarded my spiritual journey of be-coming. His quantum healing resonates so true, as I need to connect with my power and this power is beginning to surface more every day from my observation and first session; therefore, it appears that what once was left untapped is now being used more than it ever has before. That power begins its manifestation through working with Chris and clearing blocked/closed/malevolent energy, yet it is up to me towards coming into my own power. We have all been given the necessary tools or gifts to reach our potential in this lifetime and I thank you Chris, as you have the gifts upon waking up many to this fact and to get with our INFINITE BEING!

Isaac B

amazing results

All I can say is amazing. My wife contacted Chris to help me with a curse that was put on me. Straight away Chris new what the problem was and got straight to it. During my session I felt so much energy rushing through my body and after the session when i went to bed as soon as I closed my eyes a BIG white flash appeared in my vision and then what felt like it left my body. I feel so amazing and one happy client.

Maynard K

Thank you

I was so excited to meet with Chris Kehler, i've been watching all his videos on YouTube and I got so convinced about his healing. During the session I felt some changes and after word this is the second day I feel more relaxed I was having issues with my back pain neck pain last night I was able to sleep on my side without experiencing any pain, before I was more on the negative side more stressed out easy to be irritated after the session I became more relaxed I used to see the world from the Darkside that there is so much going on I worry about, but now I am more in peace and relax again I would love to have another session and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, and I am planning to have Chris Kehler work On my son!

Chris Kehler you are a guardian angel in a human form serving humanity in a great way! God bless you and your family for putting so much effort to help healing people. The price is very reasonable and he was so easy to talk to, there is this comfort feeling you get when you meet with him.

I cannot thank you enough.

Safa A


Chris discovered that i had traces of Bovine fever in my legs and spine to my complete shock! I had been experiencing stiff achey knee joints, but i just put it down to getting older! He said within 2 years i would have experienced depletion in my leg movement and it would start to spread into my system! He neutralised it and cleared it all out. I felt pins and needles going through my legs during the whole process. This morning i have woken up with no more aches/pains and revitalised legs! He also neutralised a negative lay line under my house. Eternally grateful to him and the incredible work he does. Thank you so much! xxx

Sheila F

Whoa! Your energy rings are out of this world man!

Check it out. I am not into any kind of energy healing, my wife has followed you work and had a few session with you, fine. She had purchased you krystaline energy rings. Part of her chronic disease symptoms effects her sleep and she wakes up a few hours into sleep and cannot get back to sleep until a few hours later, very disruptive. I have suffered from nightmares my whole life, just live with it right?! Un benouced to me she was sleeping with your neutralization ring under her pillow, perfect sleep, no waking up, solid, uninterrupted sleep. I had not had any of my nightmares and was having good sleep too. When I caught her putting the ring under her pillow I asked her what that was. She told me and was doing it for 2 weeks, about the same time my nightmares stopped. I was like A LIGHT SWITCH!! Gone!!!!! So whatever it is it has worked and with all the drugs and gimmicks with thousands of wasted dollars, time and disappointment, THIS WORKS!! Can't believe I am writing this, not my thing, but thank-you Chris Kehler for having these tools available!

Dave W

Light at the end of the tunnel!

Chris was recommended to me by a friend, after he had helped family members and my friend herself. After doing some of my own research I managed to obtain an appointment with Chris. As I do suffer from anxiety and depression and various physical probs and was a little nervous at what Chris might have to tell me. He was wonderful from the beginning, putting me at ease and making sure he conducted the session without causing me any undue stress or concern, I did begin to feel lighter during the appointment and had a sense of wellbeing afterwards which I had not felt for a considerable length of time. It is only 24 hours since the appointment so I am looking forward to continued improvement which I am sure will be the case. I look forward to booking another appointment in the near future.

Wendy B

Thanks Chris

I have been seeing Chris since he first began doing energy healing. I keep going to see him because I know I will feel much better after a session. Sometimes we don't realize when things start to pile up. Having Chris remove the blockages in our beings helps us to start feeling better. Highly recommend for any health issues.

Denis M

Thank You Chris

Chris is an amazing talent. I have had about 4 sessions with him. Each time we uncover more and more "stuff" that has been holding me back. I find an increasing amount of energy in and around my body during and after each session. He has also worked with many members of my family to help clear their energy, improving the quality of life for all of us.

Jane S

Positive sense and hope for the future

My husband and I both had a clearing with Chis. Right after my husband was cleared by Chris, my fatigue went away. I used to feel very drained and tired around him,but now I feel energized and my spouse feels a lot better and energized too. Both of us feel a lot lighter. It's like a huge weight was lifted of our shoulders and we both feel now that positive changes are coming. I already booked another session for myself and my daughter because he did such a great job. We are very grateful to Chris and happy that he does this kind of work.

Sjoukje T

Thank You Chris

Before booking an appointment with Chris I had listen to 20 or so Youtube videos regarding Chris and his techniques. The words and statements he was making resonated with me and when i touched the television set I felt energized (deep in my being I knew this knowledge was fact) and I knew had to book an appointment. 10 minutes into the session I could feel energy, after the telephone call I started bouncing off the walls it was powerful! 48 hours afterwards I seen changes in my body. We all have the ability to do what Chris is providing. We just have to shake that Wrinkle in Time off!

Finnette G


The delivery of the treatment was to pointed and direct, with no time wasted in needless conversation. Chris went straight into it, completing as much healing and clearing as possible during the 50min session. I recognised this particularly. You get what you pay for :-) I cannot comment on the effects of the treatment as it is too early however; I will be booking another session in 7 days.

I asked spirit for a treatment to be made known to me, for what I needed attention. I came across Chris through the Virtual Vision show with host Ara Parsien, Blog Talk Radio. Chris and his treatment resonated with me and I was able to share my healing requirement comfortably with him.

Raj P

Comfort in the now and confidence for the future

I have had a couple of sessions with Chris before that catalysed results for me immediately - that day in fact, which was why I returned to Chris with my current challenges of blocks around 'communications' and 'finances'. Chris was able to identify a range of 'issues' within my energetic system and beyond that needed clearing and restored my 3rd strand of DNA, to support me in reconnecting to my divine ability to manifest. Time will tell in terms of results, however I felt a lot lighter and, from past experience, Chris's abilities are certainly divinely sourced and very powerful, therefore I feel confident I will be seeing the impact of these clearings very soon. Thank you, Chris.

Caroline R

What an incredible show with Chris Kehler!

What an incredible show with Chris Kehler, Energy Healer! On-air healings occurred and it seems that even though some were the focal point of Chris' remarkable healing ability, there were some who experienced healing peripherally!

Personally, a little bit of healing has occurred in my right ear that has been deaf for well on 5 yrs now. Ara Parisien, Host of Virtual Vision Radio FM.

Ara P

For my sister

I did it without my sister knowing just because she is very skeptic, We used her picture. I called her afterward to check how she is doing, and she told me that she felt dizzy all of a sudden and an urge to sleep. Then I explaind to her what I did. She has sever migraine headache plus dipression.

I trust Chris so much that I believe she is feeling so well.

Safa A

Awesome Flush from Quantum Energy!

Thanks soooooo much Chris for this session. At first I didn't think anything was happening and when I got of the phone with you I looked in the mirror, OMG!!! My face was totally flushed red, plus my neck and chest. I am said to be a diabetic. I check my blood sugar before the call and after the call it was 20 points lower. WOW!!! I have some of your tools and will continue using them. Thanks again.

Joan S

For my daughter

I just wanted to make sure that my teenage daughter is healthy and her spiritual as her physical body is in balance. Bless his heart Chris, he did healing on her and she is much happier young lady! This man is my spiritual guru I trust him 100%. Thanks Chris.

Safaa A


Chris told me my daughter was a Star child and she was under alot of negative attack to keep her Vibrations down. He did a clearing and neutralised all negative energies in her system. He also aligned her with her Source and brought her up into the 5th Dimension. He also did a clearing on my other daughter of any negative programming, implants and intereference that had occured. Bringing her up into the 5th Dimension also. Thank you so much. X

Sheila F

Healing my son's soul

You saved my son, I cannot thank you enough!

Safa A

Miracles, healing, blessings,protection, abundance and success is what Chris has brought to us.

My family and I have experienced many great healings through Chris and I consider him to be the biggest blessing for my family. If I mention every phenomenal healing he has done for us, this review will turn into a novel,so I will keep it brief. About a year ago, he worked on my mom ,while she was dying in hospice care in Germany. We had already designed the funeral card and made funeral arrangements because she only had hours to live according to Nurses and Doctors. She was riddled with cancer, her heart ,lungs, kidneys and brain were failing . The cancer was in her bones, brain, basically everywhere and she was in agonizing pain,screaming constantly,so I offered her healing from Chris,which she finally agreed to because the pain was so incredible. Anyway, the next 2 days I called her to hear that she had recovered and was leaving the hospice facility because she wasn't dying anymore. The doctors kept checking and double checking on her because they couldn't believe it and called her a miracle patient. Within several months she started walking again, playing games with other people and so on. The one feedback she gave me several times ,was that not only did she obviously feel a lot better,but she also felt like someone lifted an enormous burden/weight of her shoulders,which is something I can relate to. After Chris cleared her, I felt this huge gigantic weight fall of my shoulders as well as mental clarity returned,so her clearing healed me as well. The same I experienced ,when he cleared another family member in my immediate environment. The minute he started working on this person in my family, I all of a sudden felt like someone lifted a thousand tons of me. It was one of many WOW experiences I had. All of a sudden , I didn't feel fatigued and extremely drained anymore,every time I was in the same room with that person. There are many more miracles I am going to write about soon,but all I can say for today is that I highly recommend Chris and if it weren't for him, I don't know how I would have survived all my health problems and difficulties in life. He will have my family's love, respect, and appreciation forever and I send many blessings to him for all he does.

Sjoukje T

Thank you

Chris worked on my family members and still. He made our lives much better!

Safa A

This man is true

His healings are ture and I truly trust him. Many true source blessings.

Safa A


Amazing as usual.

Safa A

Thank you

Thank you so much for healing my heart!

Nahla A

Thank you

Thank you Chris for healing my two dogs! Comanche is much calmer and Chyenne is not sneezing as she used to.

Safa A

Exceeded My Wildest Expectations

After a series of negative events which included compromising health issues, including recovering from being paralyzed and three spine surgeries with fusions and disc replacements, I finally can walk without crippling pain impeded by severe swelling. The swelling is down 80% and I feel so much improved. Thank you, Chris, for a spectacularly healing session! I look so forward to next month's appointment!

Laura H

A humble thank you

All I want to say is: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Chris. This man is special. I recommend him to everyone I know for everything and anything.

Miguel A

Very Helpful

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Chris.

ma c

Teri Gilmore

Chris had such a delightful energy! Very validating of the suspicions I already had regarding my health imbalance...tho he did surprise me with a few of his perceptions. I totally resonated with every thing he said and did. I must say the night of my session was rather sleepless as I felt my body purging and coming back into alignment.....however I face the new day with no lack of energy!I have already booked a fallow up and look forward to the conclusion of symptoms that have plagued me for 24 years! Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

Teri L


Lost about 25 lbs after first couple sessions with Chris. Great source of support and more!

Marcia R

The Energy Bracelets work!

Chris, I was skeptical at first at the energy bracelets I purchased from you. To my surprise they worked and have been immeasurably effective. The first bracelet, the sleep band, worked on day one! I fell asleep an hour after wearing after suffering insomnia for months. IT SIMPLY WORKS! The next bracelet took a little bit longer, the female hormones. However, upon reviewing, it was working right away, i did not notice the subtle symptoms that occurred. These are amazing and incredibly cost effective products that worked and did the job for me. Thanks again Chris!

Tera P

Gretchen M

What an awesome experience! I can't wait to do follow up appointments as well. So many issues addressed, cleared, re energized, and overall just made so much better. My appointment was yesterday, so staying alert to see what changes come, overall better already. I think help with everything will be huge, but especially my thyroid which I have tried to tell doctors for years was not right. But the classic, the numbers look right always stopped logical path forward. I am very grateful to have Chris's help!

Gretchen M

Fibromyalgia Symptom Relief

After suffering from fibromyalgia for the last 16 years. I had a session with Chris last week, and I have not had one episode of fatigue or pain, even through a very stressful house move. I am feeling very well. I would highly recommend Chris and his Quantum healing technique, to anyone who suffers from similar problems. Fibromyalgia is a real curse of an illness and I thank Chris for his help.

Kate F

Beverly C

Awesome session. Most of the issues I had went away right after the first session. Love his energy. I would recommend him to anyone dealing with any dis-ease process. Looking forward to my next session. Thank you so very much.

Beverly C

90% of acne gone after one session!

My mum discovered Chris Kehler in November 2015 and booked an appointment for me as i had suffered with extremely bad acne for over 10 years. I didn't really know what to expect but i was willing to try anything as i had suffered for so many years with awful spots and boils. The appointment was a 50 minute phone call from Chris in Canada to me in the UK and by the end of that day my skin was 90% better! My skin was clearing before my eyes and after one more session, just 5 minutes of the 50, i now NEVER get even one spot and its been over a year! So since that day i have made sure that i have at least one appointment a month with Chris for myself and my family. The amount of miracles he done for us from healing my daughters very bad eczema to healing a detected short femur bone in my unborn baby and much much more. Chris is sent from above and if you have come into contact with him then you are blessed!

Carlie M

Chris always comes through

Chris has an approach and style for healing that is nothing short of profound! I am always humbled by the results and I feel a strong sense of renewed energy. Its a wonderful relief to know there are options available with the healing modality that Chris offers which can literally impact your life for the better on every level! Thanks Chris!

Chael F

Always Awesome!

Thanks. Chris our sessions are always productive and that's what really counts. Looking forward until the next!

Wayne T

Thank You, Chris, For Heling Save My Cat's Life

My cat, Shadow, was close to death the first time Chris worked on her. Chris worked on her two times after that. There has been a major improvement in her health.

The first time, when Chris was working on her, the wheezing became much worse. Then it subsided and became much better. The second time, when Chris was clearing her lungs of mold, I felt the healing energy go through me. Actually, more than any time that Chris had worked on me. It was powerful! I did not know my lungs had a major problem, but I noticed a significant improvement in my breathing.

Shadow has now had her 21st birthday and breathing much better. She had virtually no appetite before Chris worked on her and weighed about 3 pounds. She is eating much better now and weighs about 6 pounds with her normal weigh being about 9 pounds.

Thanks to Chris and the prayers my friends offered, along with the due diligence of our Vet, Shadow is recovering.

Robert D

Macular Degeneration Has Significantly Improved

Chris worked with me on macular degeneration in my right eye. I have an eye chart that checks for the waviness of the lines. Before Chris started, there was significant distortion of the lines. That distortion is now minimal compared to what it once was. I did not know at the time, the seriousness of macular degeneration and how it can cause blindness. Chris has done a great job in improving the health for my eyes.

A big “Thank You” Chris.

Robert D

Chris and his work are a much-needed breath of fresh air to those in need....

The Respect and Gratitude I have for Chris is limitless.. I've had 2 sessions and despite my financial woe's, Chris un-waveringly decided to take me under his wing and help me regardless of my situation.. Wow!! Rarely if ever in this day and (New) age do you find someone who actually practices their principles rather then just preaching them. The sessions I feel are like opening up a can of worms, except with Chris the lid isn't just popped off for chaos to ensue.. Instead the "worms" are being removed with surgical like precision and accuracy. What ail's me is of a spiritual nature,(Spiritual Warfare would be a better term) and thanks to Chris I have Hope again. Something I'd lost or gave up on a long time ago. It's a no-brainer for me.. Take it from someone who has been taken by so many others...CHRIS IS THE REAL DEAL!! Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Blessings.

Jason C

Depression Gone

Dear Chris, I had to wait a few days to write this review because I honestly could not believe how different I feel. I thought it would not last. I have been suffering with severe depression for the last few years and had some many dark things happen in my life. As a teacher and a healer, I had a strong awareness that something was trying to stop me doing what I came here to do. I felt that something was trying to get me to take my own life. Every time I got over one thing another would hit me and bring me back down. So much so that I removed myself from everyone in my life and have been living in solitude for 2 years unable to work and just surviving each day. I tried everything...spent hours researching. When my friends asked me what on earth had happened now..I say "something is trying to take me out" they would raise their eyebrows and look at me as if I was crazy. Working with Chris, he found a suicide curse on me along with many other dark beings. All I can say is I feel like I have been transported to a new life! My smile has returned, my energy returned. My thoughts are light and positive. My awareness is heightened and my mind is sharp again. I have been dancing around the house and singing in the car. I have even been out and about, to local markets and bumping in to so many people who thought I had moved from the area. My face even looks younger! From being in a place or not wanting to be here to looking at nature in wonder and feeling such gratitude for life...It truly is incredible. I can't thank you enough Chris, you are doing such important work and so needed at this time. Much Love, Norma.

Norma S

Chris is humanities true healer

Thank you Chris for letting me experience the incredible lightness of being. I look forward to more sessions to create homeostasis of my mind body and soul. Love and gratitude to you.

Lyn G


A very deep and profound session with Chris as usual , I would recommend him to anyone in need of healing.

Andrew S

An Amazing Experience

I had a session with Chris on April 26, I was at work and it flowed effortlessly. I am happy and feeling lighter since the session. I was experiencing what I termed a black cloud over my head, and our session cleared up that stagnant out-dated old way of thinking and doing. I feel I have shifted and I am now looking forward to our 2nd session. I am now experiencing more Joy and Happiness, even though at times I feel sad and distraught, it's part of the process of releasing and letting go of the past. I feel I am able to move forward to a healthier way of life. Thanks Chris.

Ritajean F

I brought in my tickel trunk of tools for Chris to look at and Tune up..

First I want to Thank Chris for all the work he did for me, Chris was pleased to see , Slim Spurlings Tensor ring as He had a different Slim Spurling tool in his office and the tools were talking to each other and Slim's sprit showed up to see the clearing that took place.. The Vogel Crystal was cleaned and sprit showed up to present it it's name, "Hugo." For us.The Keshe Plasma generator was presented as well as the healing pens, which we were told needed a crystal. A stone Fossil was presented which was/is from a reptile (tooth,claw)? Tibetan singing bowl was cleaned, Assemblage point crystal was adjusted, Orgonite was cleaned to a new position, a bottle of Colloidal gold had a spell removed from it along with a bottle of Precious metals nano water, Talked about UFO's, SYLPHS, Sasquatch, the coming events and the wave of energy that went over us the days prior to my arrival , which 3 other people in 3 different places in western Canada also felt, conformation for me, Tarot cards 2 decks cleaned, Talked about the bug that was attached to me.

Brian K

Sun Ring & Pendulum Dowsing Work!

Hello ! I just want to say that after watching alot of your You Tube videos and working with my mini sun rings, I am amazed by the difference in my feelings. I have always sensed "the dark zone" as I call it, since a small child, I am now 55 years young and for the first time in my life I get pinches of "happiness". Just before I would fall asleep every nite, I would immediately tune into what I call a doom and gloom feeling, a feeling of depression, never knew I don't. You said in one of your videos this could happen if one is disconnected from their soul...

Whatever happened, whether it was watching your videos or using my mini sun rings, something has changed. I look forward to my personal session with you. I've got a whole lot of other paranormal & odd issues to clear out, I've been working with a pendulum for years and years, but it doesn't tell me the truth. Your pendulum technique is amazing. Thank you!

Donna M

Big Change

Chris said "just bring an open mind". Though unfamiliar with the details of his work I found the session enjoyable and it made a big difference in dealing with anxiety. There was a definite shift in how I felt and have felt better ever since!

Gen M

Worth the wait

Chris got right down to business and zeroed in on a number of irregularities that had been deterrents to my normal functioning. Now, after the session I feel lighter and energized. Chris has a beautiful gift and is a genuine, caring individual.

David L

An amazing experience with a great healer. From Anne M. Healing was on 16th May 2016

Hi Chris, thank you so much for all you did for me in the time available. It took me about a half hour to come out of shock, but felt lighter and more energised. Last night I only needed to get up twice instead of 5 times. I am very pleased with the healing and very much look forward to the next session. I was amazed to feel so much of what was going on! In deep gratitude for all your hard work.

Anne M

Immediate results

Chris nailed it with my situation. He was able to locate and identify issues that I had not even mentioned in our initial chat. I feel less tension and anxiety as well as having my main complaint resolved. I couldn't be happier. I will be back for more sessions. Highly recommended.

Shelly S

Meniscus Healing

Just fantastic: triple knee injury fully cured in 30 mins!

Anita A


Energy work is what I have done a lot in the past. Chis his session was so different and had a very positive effect right away for me, I felt calmer and stronger . Thank you Chris for a great session.

Jacqollyne T

Highly reccomend

It has not been five days after my session with Chris. As many people have mentioned there was a tangible energy exchange during the session. All throughout the session I was impressed most with one perception: Chris was 100% focused on me and solving my problems. I have had three other distant healing/counseling sessions with other people and Chris was the only person who was spiritually focused on my spiritual needs. His heart and passion come through the phone line.

I am looking forward to our next session, I have reccomended his services to friends and will probably do another session with him.

Vincent B


A lot of information to process and ponder.


What a feeling!

I visited Chris on my friend's recommendation for pain and discomfort due to Rheumatoid Arthritis, and more recently Fibromyalgia and an overall feeling of sadness. Within the session, Chris was able to release me from pain and discomfort, as well as clearing my soul and even my home. I now feel refreshed, clearer, calmer, and in a better state of being. Thank you Chris!

Geri Z

Finally feel like I'm complete

My sincere gratitude to Chris. He removed so many entities from my soul. I'd not been able to communicate my love for people. I could show physically but not emotionally. Since the removal I have felt more put together . A change has definitely taken place. I feel a peace within. and for others. Will have a follow up.

Frances L

worth the wait

Chris is worth the wait,I had an appointment I booked two months in advanced. Once I began the session I could feel the difference within the first 10 min. Awsome experience.

Bartosz A

Nothing short of incredible

I had a life changing experience with Chris. I could physically feel energies evaporating from my body. I could feel waves of energy clearing out and I was in shock at how amazing I felt afterwords. I have not felt this way since I was a kid. This is exactly what I have been looking for. I am so grateful to have found Chris. No one could have done what he did for me. With all my heart, thank you Chris.

Christopher W

Immediate Results - Love His Approach

Chris Kehler has a slightly different approach than my previous energy worker experiences, which I really like. Instead of a general widespread clearing, where you don't know what the practitioner finds or clears, Chris tells you specifically what he finds, and in what part of the body. He clears it by telling it to leave "into the ethos" which activates the universal law of consent. Now, it can never return. If you just do a general clearing, and you don't identify the energy you're clearing, then you are also not necessarily telling it not to return. Since I'm Catholic, I feel Chris has a more powerful, direct approach. I've also experienced immediate results over these last 24 hours, I'm breathing better, I feel lighter, stronger, and an overall sense of well-being. My mind feels more clear. I'm also feeling some cleansing symptoms such as more bowel movements, hot and cool spots and tingling, and some minor aches in my muscles but they are minor and passing quickly. It shows me things are working!

Rachel P

A worth-while experience

A worth-while experience.

Suzanne B


The first time I worked with Chris the pain in my right shoulder went away. I still don't have better use of that arm yet, but it's huge for me that the pain is gone. I've had it for 7 years. My second time, he worked on my endocrine system. That was just yesterday. What I noticed is that I had much more energy and I do today as well so something is working!. I have another appointment scheduled and am looking forward to it.

Stephanie R

Worked for my horse

I recently adopted a horse ... As I am familiar with natural horsemanship techniques, I wanted to "restart" her in this way. She was unwilling to connect or "join up" as it is called. I worked with an animal comminicator who found out she had abandoment and anger causing physical and emotional "acheness" At the end of a session with Chris, I asked if He would check in with my horse. He found shock and trauma, and used me as surrogate to clear it. Wow, It worked!!! The very next day, she actually followed my ques and even followed me out to the gate when we were done. In the past she had always wondered off to graze when I released her. Now we can actually start our relationship ... Thank you Chris!

Faith O

A Time to Remember

I will always remember my session with Chris! I do a lot of research and spent time looking at his web site and YouTube interviews. This guy has such a great heart and always gives selflessly. It was such an honor for me to talk with him and get his healing. These opportunities are rare and something you will cherish and want to remember.

Brad G

Thanks to Chris

I had several sessions with Chris to help me recover from Chronic Fatigue and toxic metals and parsites (the list was endless) ugh! I'm happy to say, I am feeling strong again and my confidence is back after being sick for several years. My blood work is perfect now. Thanks to Chris I'm enjoying my life again.

Eileen W

Rational, No-nonsense Healing.

Though Chris doesn't do any healing himself he has a unique way of marshaling the appropriate healing energies and there doesn't seem to be any impediments to stepping outside the so called normal boundaries of whats needed.

Greg O

Covered a lot of ground

Chris was very efficient at covering all the health concerns I had and releasing their causes. Chris was able to pinpoint vitamin deficiencies and I'm already noticing the difference within the first 24 hours. Thank you!

Caroline M


Chris' healing work is amazing! I have had several sessions with him and he hits the nail on the head every time. He has also helped my family members greatly. After listening to his youtube videos and radio show and the healings I received during sessions, I decided to purchase his course, I felt 'I need to do that'. His course is truly remarkable and he is a great mentor. Thank you Chris!

Nicola K

A Great Holistic Healer

Chris is a white lighter healer with lots of integrity. These were important traits when I needed to find a healer because I have dealt with other people that were not. I have advised my whole family to use his services and they currently are doing so. He is helping me with health issues, diabetes, kidney problems, endocrine...He is also helping my family by removing generational curses and other evils that is plaguing my family for a long time. Please note he can help your pets and he has helped ours. He is much less expensive then our veterinarian. I can go on and on but I will stop here and keep positive about healing my body, mind and soul with Chris!

Isabella S


Write your review Everytime I work with Chris, miracles happen! I know I'll have a longer and healthier life due to his healing abilities. He even saved my life!

Susan S

Totally awesome!

Chris is so great! Ihad a few sessions with him and i´m improving in less than 24 hours he could find some heavy stuff within me and also helped my family a lot, specially my father who was diagnosed with cancer last december, he's regaining his strength back. I'm looking forward to the next sessions.

Karina R

Profound work

I was having some issues with a hernia and depression and by the end of my call with Chris I had absolutely no pain from my hernia and felt more stable, grounded, present and strong than I've felt in a long time. I had a few cleansing reactions the next day but they were gone within a day and a half. I still feel great 5 days later and am very grateful that Chris was recommended to me.

Caroline F

A knowledgeable and supportive person

Chris was well worth the wait. During my session he was able to identify the source of my condition. I felt surges of energy throughout my body. It has only been one day since my session and I am reconnected with the Loving God source. My tumor went through changes last nite and this morning I can see differences in the size . I am looking forward to more positive. Chris is a supportive and caring person. I highly recommend him.


Laser like accuracy

Chris understands and gets to the root cause of the problem. His laser like accuracy and dedication to high standards ensures you leave feeling transformed!

Tara A

Feeling way less emotional and clear

I was having problems with my hormones and emotional state and it has been 3 days since my session and wow! I feel very uneffected by situations in my life that would normally have me being reactive. Very impressed ;-)

Candice D

Amazing gift from God!

What an incredible experience. Before my session had no idea what to expect. After Chris did his 'magic' I was energized (giddy even) and flying high for almost 3 days. And no drugs! :) Now there's a concept 'most' doctors don't believe in. I had twisted my knee very badly for a second time in 5 years and thought that was it for me :(

I was sure I'd probably require surgery this time....but after just two sessions Chris has worked nothing short of a miracle. After this 2nd session I'm almost 100% pain free. Tomorrow I will probably be dancing! This man was not only caring & generous with his time but got rid of a few other issues that had manifested over the years. Truly a loving - gentle soul that's a gift from God.

Thank you Chris. Lots of Love - Hugs & Kisses

Katherine H

The Right Stuff!

What can I say, after being healed several times from different problems Chris definitely has what it takes to improve ones health. I'd suffered with nagging nauseating stomach issues for years before Chris made them vanish in just a few sessions! He's taken a few different pains away quickly - those that in the past I'd have gone to a physiotherapist for (which is both expensive and time consuming). Chris removes the "cause" of the pain so it doesn't come back and a lot quicker too! He's working on my diabetes and eventually will help me with weight loss, I'm positive about that. Chris is super knowledgeable, always professional and truly as concerned about my health issues as I am. Plus he's got a good sense of humour, what more can you ask for? Totally worth a visit if you've got health concerns OR even if you don't! :)

Shelley P

really peeled the onion

Thank you so very much for yesterday help with my shoulders. The right shoulder is significantly improved. The left shoulder is much improved however it does need more work. I am very interested in your work, wish I knew how to do it!

Dr. Jeanette E


Good morning. I thought the appointment went well. Prior to attending it, we did not have a good understanding of what to expect. We had never had a similar experience so it was a little overwhelming. I am open minded to new ideas and am hopeful it helps my niece who had a treatment, because she has been suffering for a long time. (I just came along with her because she asked me to). I am considering making an appointment for myself towards the end of July for a blood analysis, and will be in touch respecting this.

Marlise B

Chris is the best

I have had two sessions with Chris with excellent results. I have over the years sought help with numerous kaiser doctors, naturopaths, homeopaths, energy healers with limited help. In just two sessions Chris was able to do what 25 years of other treatment modalities could never do. He is so unique and his work is phenomenal. He is funny and constantly amazes me.....helped me eliminate cancer, mold and yeast found in my trachea and lungs...have suffered from bronchitis for years......and even eliminated some small curses found in various areas of my body. His work is exciting and I always feel exhilerated after a session. This is a gift he has ushered in for humanity in order to eliminate suffering and bondage. You will not regret meeting Chris, and btw its easy to book your appointment online.

Jonne N

Thank you Chris

After 2 sessions I feel so much better. My joints have improved so much and I have better energy. I had calcium deposits that affected my joints, muscles, tendons, eyes and so much more. I haven't found any other healer that helped me so much in so little time. I'm definitely going to continue until I have my full energy back and clear up additional things. Thank you Chris.

Diane F

Very pleased

It is now more than 2 months since my healing session with Chris, and I wanted to give it that amount of time before I could say with any certainty that I noticed a change. After many years of extreme pre menstrual 'tensions' I became accustomed to very low moods and what felt like a horrible possession 1-2 weeks prior to my due-time. I experienced consistently dark feelings and very out of "self" mood swings that inevitably had an adverse effect on my life and relationships. One day I would be my happy self, taking life in my stride, and the next it was like something horrible was intruding on my soul. I know PMT can be common but mine would often play out worse than many of my female friends. During my single session with Chris, he discovered a "vicious demon" in my uterus. We laughed because it sounded about right to me, only I didn't find it's presence to be that funny! Chris moved the entity away from my uterus, and I felt a pressure across my upper back. Chris sensed he had to move it from this new position and the moment he confirmed it had been released, my dog - who rarely barks - began barking aggressively at something she was 'seeing' in my direction. I had to pick her up to calm her, but Chris and I knew she had sensed something in the room, at exactly the moment the energy was released. There was a bit more work to follow, but we were finished within 40 minutes. And after 2 cycles since my session, I can confirm a very evident difference to my monthly experience. Gone (so far) is the anger and angst and feeling of horrible possession. I do still notice the cycle on a physical level, because indeed something physical happens at that time, but my spirit and energy is no longer disrupted like it had been for so long. I'm just really really happy about that! And more generally I feel an overall uplift in my everyday life. Something changed and I am so grateful for it.

kate s

My Session with Chris

Having only one session with Chris I wanted to wait abit to see results. It has only been one week so far and after having several illmeaning spiritual attachments removed I already have lost my appitite for alcohol wich was getting to heavy levels to curb my body pain and abandonment issues. I am still monitoring my healing daily so will review again down the track, but I will say that Chris said I had a very big purpose here and it was being blocked by these entities. What was incredible is that he said my healers wanted to tell me my purpose which according to him is very rare.. So he did, I was shocked as it was something that I had been already doing yet kept getting blocked at every attempt to turn it into something for all to see. So I can highly recomend this lovely human being who quite possibly has a true purpose to help us all in releasing the demons of this dimention that hold us back. Thank you Chris. I will be in touch to have another session for me as well as family members. Very impressed. GOD BLESS YOU !

Kathy K

Amazing session!

This was my second session with Chris and I have seen a massive improvement in my thyroid. I had quite a large lumpy feeling in my throat (as I was diagnosed with a multi nodular goitre) and the feeling has vastly improved, it's almost disappeared! Also, the depth of how I perceive the world is more clearer. I feel lighter and I can't explain the feeling but it's amazing! Thank You again Chris ;-)!

Candice P

Helped with dry eye

I have suffered my entire life from extremely dry eyes. This includes redness puffiness swelling and conjunctivitis like symptoms. Within the day of the session I could feel a difference, and now 2 weeks after my session with him I am still pain and goo free! My eye still consistently better than I can ever remember. We worked on my fatigue, which is still present. I believe it will take a few more sessions to clear that up.

Jennifer S

A healing experience

My appointment with Chris was outstanding. Chris was able to identify and remove multiple issues including the cause of a stiff lower back. The 50 minutes seemed to fly by and we used each and every minute! At the end of the session, when Chris uses the Neutralization Ring to remove the negative energy from the body, I felt my legs were very heavy. When the session was over, my husband could feel the positive energy flow emanating from me. It was an amazing healing experience!

Mariam D

Great Healer

Very happy I found Chris over a year ago. He has helped me with many health issues and has cleared lots of negativity in my life and my families lives too. He also has worked on our beloved family dogs. Great Healer and I am Grateful for all his help and healing. BLESSINGS.

Isabella S

Totally effective!

I called Chris because I was at my wits end about reoccurring and very painful boils I was getting. It eyed everything from antibiotics to essential oils and nothing worked. One session with Chris and I felt lighter, happier and best of all the boils NEVER came back. The relief is incredible. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Chiaki H

I can feel shfting and feeling better

Chris, been following you for a while and when you do your energy work on shows I can feel it! I suffer from chronic migraines, and in listening to your healings on-air with various shows I have had much improvement. I feel confident to make a one-on-one appointment now, silencing my own skepticism, and look forward to benefits of working with you!

Hilda K

Very informative

Chris was amazing and informed me there was a witchcraft curse that had been put on my family from the past. I have suffered from migraines all my life and just thought it was hereditary because my mom suffered from them, having no idea it was a curse, but it makes since. I had a tingling sensation go through my whole body when he began to remove the curse. I have only had one slight headache since he removed it. I also had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism a couple of years ago and am feeling better since the appointment. Very worth the phone call.

Korin T

Quantum Healing Session from That Channel interview

It was so impactful - I have been suffering most of my life and I am 54...I received an additional session after this interview......and I am now for the first time in my life experiencing TRUE HAPPINESS with no emotional pain between me and that experience. That is priceless. I am grateful.

Penny S

phenomenal session

Chris is the elite in his profession....everything he did definitely made a difference and was very noticeable. I'm very impressed and pleased with the session!

Dan R

Very grateful for this session

I didn't know what to expect my first session. I felt very comfortable working with Chris. He got right to work and was getting results immediately
I was amazed at what all he got accomplished in the session. I look forward to my next session. I would and have recommended Chris to others.

Rita F

Great relief on day after appointment

While I did not notice an immediate benefit during the appointment with Chris, I am feeling really great on the following day. Last night I noticed that my symptoms were reduced quite a bit and some of the areas we worked on the symptoms did not show up during the night. Wow.

David M


Had a fabulous healing crisis running through my body about 10 hours after my first session with Chris! It lasted about 18 hours! Every single joint in my body was in pain so all the blockages we worked on were opening up and toxins were doing their best to leave! I am more balanced and centered. Looking forward to another session!

X & Y Z

Just what I was looking for.

I was doing some research for Shungite water stones when I came across Chris Kehler so I decided to investigate further. I am glad I did as for over the last 30 odd years doctors never had any answers never mind a cure for the cold. After 2 or 3 sessions Chris confirmed what I thought may have caused my illness. Since Oct/nov Chris has carried out weekly sessions treating me and achieving remarkable results. I now feel emotionally and phyically more intergrated. Others around me have noticed a positive change in me. And I continue to improve weekly with more sessions which I look forward to each time. Chris has a true gift and does a great job in helping others. ;)

Duncan M

It's a blessing working with Chris

I thoroughly enjoyed my several sessions with Chris. He is so wonderful to work with. It's is invaluable to be set free of so much that was hidden. Getting to the core set me free, and for that I am so grateful.

Gloria J


Where can a person go to ask metaphysical questions and get some quality answers? - Chris Kehler Holistic! Check it out.

Liza F

Felt so good

Just so amazing, thanks so much Chris.

Robert K

The dude is right on!

With Chris behind the wheel , the healing / clearing session was really transformational for me . During the actual ongoings of the session , I could actually feel the " non beneficials " energetically speaking , leave my body / bodies at his command . I do feel much lighter density wise , and I do feel that I have more head space . I can see clearly now ..., ( gotta play your favorite song !! ) Thankyou my friend. Will be seeing you again.

Sam P

Phenomenal & Unique Healing That Will Surprise You!

Chris Kehler is extraordinary in his approach to Healing. He cuts right to the chase and comes with a very down to earth approach yet what he actually does with his mastered technique is quite literally 'out of this world'! I cant really find the words to Thank Chris. And whats really incredible is he never stops growing and improving his process , it really is quite amazing actually!

Chael F

Crazy things he found

I was told my thumus gland was blocked and that i had witchcraft on my soul. I've working with you for some time now . I don't really feel any engery surges like everyone else but my mind feels a bit more clear. I don't seem to be 100 percent myself yet but I know your doing your best to help me clear these blocked engery and negative entites.


Interesting and full of hope

I found some of what Chris told me scary, but I am very appreciative that he is tackling some of the energy that has been following me around for many years. I have already made another appointment because of the immediate sense of levity I felt when we were through.

Rebecca A

Much appreciated.

I really appreciated the understanding and straight to the point attitude from Chris. The release and removal of negative entities was felt immediately. I had a feeling of lightness throughout my being. I then had some annoying nausea that stayed around for approximately one hour. Heavy and stuck energies really do high jack us of our vitality. I have a long history of alien abductions and it is a pleasure to work with someone who doesn't think of me as one sandwich shy of a picnic. Thank you and take care. Heidi R.N., B.S.H.

Heidi L

Much appreciated.

Chris began a healing on me....someone who has suffered from symptoms of PTSD for over 30 years!...and has also tried many healing modalities (with only some temporary relief).....I am happy to say; that with one more additional session; I am still feeling 5000% better! The usual triggers have had no effect! Thank-you for changing my life Chris Kehler...I am still recommending you to friends as I enjoy the effects of your gifts.

Penny S

I am so happy to have found Chris!

It has only been four days since my session and I can already feel a huge difference! I am beyond thrilled. I have suffered from Lyme for years. My symptoms have been all over the place. For the first time in years I have not taken the many many supplements that I need to get by. Going without them for even 4 days is unheard of for me. Over the past few days symptoms have either left me completely or diminished greatly. I am looking forward to my next session AND I am scheduling sessions for my children as I feel this kind of intervention can help anyone, sick or not!!! The only reason I have selected four stars instead of 5, well, I know I need to give things more time. But I have to say, so far so good! Thanks to Chris, I am starting to feel normal again!

Jess B

Incredible man!

I don't know where to start with telling you what Chris has done for me and my family! It started with Chris healing my unexplainable acne that i suffered with for over 10 years, to healing my 1 year old's eczema on her legs and arms that would bleed because she scratched at it so much, to a short femur growth with my unborn baby! There is much more he has done for us. I always make sure i have minimum of one appointment booked with Chris every month as they come in very handy.

carlie m

life changing

Chris is one amazing human being on a journey to genuinely help and heal the earth and its people. He has no limitations and expands beyond anything I could have imagined for myself. He can achieve so much in a short time of space. Nothing is out of reach for him to tackle.
He is a great blessing to my life.

Robyn C

Chris really gives effective relief

After a few appointments with Chris I am experiencing relief from nagging nausea and digestion issues that have been plaguing me for months. I find Chris's healing work brilliant and effective, and I feel he is phenomenally compassionate and non-judgmental. I receive a lot of useful information from Chris and appreciate how this helps me make sense of things that are going on and make positive changes. For instance Chris was able to identify a substance I would benefit from avoiding (aspartame), not only because it is generally not healthy but also because it was reacting with a supplement I had been taking. I also appreciate that Chris is not greedy, he loves his work, has the highest intentions, is not greedy and wants to charge a price that people can afford. Thank you, Chris - it is always a pleasure to work with you!

Susan C

Time will tell

I have only had one phone session with Chris so far. My impressions are that Chris is not doing this for the money. He works as hard as he possibly can during the session. His diagnosis of problems he encounters seems to be very accurate.

Sean M


The insight, actions needed for me, the kindness and manner in which it was all done...I think all was "perfect."

Marcia R

A big Thank You Chris

This is my very first time Quantum Energy Healing session I have ever had done with anyone and my request is in healing my eye site to the perfect 20/20 that I’ve lost suddenly about 7 years ago. During my session with Chris I felt the energy movement in my body as he asked for the cause or places he had to work on, also during the “point on” work. I have experienced tingling sensation on my forehead during the entire session and I can say first hand, at the end of the session my vision was crisp and until I went to sleep it felt like I wasn’t wearing my glasses anymore. All around my home and outside everything still is clear and colors are bright and fresh.

Chris has worked on my girl dog Summer; she’s a beautiful Italian Sheppard 10 years around the Sun for a lump that has grown on her belly in the past 3 month. I am happy with his finding and a big relief in knowing she will be with us longer than I’ve anticipated.

Thank you Chris and I look foreword to the next session for my son, Namaste!

Mariana B

Improvements unfolding

My appointment was 44 hours ago. I have been challenged with a condition which involves the contracting and loss of elasticity of solf tissues throughout my body. Therefore I have been finding it more and more difficult to open wide to eat or floss my teeth. Another frustrating symptom is the ongoing constant loss of blood circulation to my fingers and toes. Each time I touch something which is below body temperature, my blood vessels contract and it take quite a while for the blood flow to recover. WELL... A few hours after my session I ate a nice big cheese and tomato sandwich. When I realized that I was able to do so without a problem I did the measurement test I usually have to do for my specialist to see how much worse my loss of elasticity is getting. TEARS welled up in my eyes when I realized that I was much IMPROVED! Today I have noticed that when the blood vessels in my fingers contract, they recover almost immediately! ...even after a shower which usually takes a long time to recover. Chris Kehler has a genuine gift and I am impressed.

Deborah G

Fantastic experience

Chris was a great person to work with. He knew things about me I never told anyone but my father. Explains a lot of the stranger things in my life. After the session I felt an great energy boost, the headache I had before and during the session was completely gone. I felt a great weight has been lifted up and the sunglasses I had on were removed. I will get another appointment scheduled immediately as I feel we may have more work to do and if this is just part of it? Wow, looking forward to the rest of the healing sessions.

Chad R


I really think that this man is a genius. If a history does not remember him us a such a pearson I'm sure that some of us will.


Virus B Gone

Chris has a unique and incredibly unique style of energy healing. I've had chronic issues for years and within one 50 minute session (3 days ago) I feel revitalized, sleep better, have more joy. There was a feeling of lightness right away. I am so grateful Chris was recommended to me. I will definitely recommend his sessions. Thank you Chris!

Dee B

The Real Deal

I found Chris to be extraordinary. His info was accurate and insightful. Not only did he offer help but his approach was proactive--not just words but a plan of action. I felt recovery on many different levels & continue to heal. His professional and down to earth nature was appreciated. Great experience & look forward to future work!

Merrill Z

Beautiful Experience

This is my very first quantum energy healing session and it left me feeling light and grounded at the same time. Any nervousness I had prior to the session, dissipated within the first few minutes of starting. During the healing process, tingling sensations and heaviness were present, and I could feel the work being done. Chris was professional, patient and genuine, addressing my questions with ease and knowledge. I look forward to more healing/release in my future session and I will tell anyone doing this for the first time to just have an open mind and heart.

Michele R

A world of interesting things begins to open up

I have been working with Chris for over a year now. It is hard to describe the many areas of the world, my body and my consciousness he has helped open. I plan to continue working with Chris for a long time.

Phil F

Wonderful experience

Had a very nice experience during the session, lots of sensation all over my body, my shoulders relaxed along with the rest of my body, I had no idea that I was so tense, today is the 2nd day and I'am still relaxed. I had an old injury to my back that affected the right side of my body, the stubbing pain on my right shoulder is gone.

Guadalupe P

Hanging in there

Since you worked on my brother by proxy through me, I would like to write my review after I've spoken to my brother, to see how he's doing. I haven't done so yet. Thank you.


Holding my breath...

I contacted Chris to get help with chronic halotosis that I am suffering from. Also I want to quit smoking. I have cut back a great deal from cigarettes since my visit, but my breath is still really bad. I hope he can really help after another shot. Otherwise this treatment can become really expensive.

Shea L

Pure Love

Chris is direct, to the root cause of the issue that is blocking wellness. Physically and emotionally gets to the root and takes the steps to release that which is not serving you. I highly recommend Chris to everyone. Breathe, be open, and let the healing begin- the world needs more pure love.

Ellen L

Great experience

Chris is a genuine and caring person. I found my experience very helpful and fell much better inside and out. I can thoroughly recoomend the experience!

Anthony V

Great results after ne session

It was a small miracle that I was able to book a session. Two days earlier there were no time slots available and suddenly there was just one. Without hesitation I booked it. I had 3 main issues I wanted to focus on - my skin, teeth/gums and digestive system. Immediately after the session 2 of them were gone and I cannot say if the third is coming back or not. I have to wait a bit longer, it is only 2 days since the healing. The session itself was a bit surprising because it took some time to find out where to start :) I guess the creatures made it a bit difficult to find them...but after maybe 20 minutes, things started to happen. I had a couple of healings while standing, the rest while sitting and I could feel something is going on. The most intense was the last clearing while standing, where I could feel a stong force pulling me downwards, as if gravity was twice as strong. As I said, immediately after the session I was free from 2 of those problems. Also Chris was very nice and he made me very comfortable, although I felt a bit nervous before and was not it the best mood. I can definetly recommend him, not just because of the results, but the price is very reasonable (even for me from Central Europe).

Martin M

breaking the power of darkness

Been working with chris for a couple months now, he had helped where many have failed in combating negative forces that have hounded me since my teen years. at 40 years of age after a lifelong struggle with the bizarre, i'm finally beginning to see some relief. will continue with chris so long as i'm able.

Stan P

Magical, Outstanding

I found Chris to be very easy to talk to and with. I received relief for the deepest part of the pain in my upper back in the first treatment. There is more work that needs to be done there, but the pain is not near so bad. Lungs and sinuses seem better and the digestive system is still needing more attention. I am extremely pleased to be working with Chris, and have the fullest of confidence that he is going to help me a lot. I felt releases of energy at times and other times I could feel his guides going through my body looking for areas that needed attention.

Arlene O

Amazing Healing!

Chris has an amazing ability to be able to "see" into a person and find what is causing them problems. The things he saw were right on and I knew where the issue stemmed from immediately. He was able to take all negativity from my body heart space and send it all to the ethers. I felt immediate relief and am still feeling relief ... though I woke up at 3am this morning with a stiffness in my right shoulder and neck. I am going to give it a couple of days, as this could also be the result of chiropractic adjustments. I am due to go back to my chiropractor next Thursday. I could not thank Chris enough for the work he does and will contact him for another healing, if necessary.

Colleen M


I found Chris to be very professional and understanding. This is far more holistic than I thought. I found that his you tube videos explained what he does. But the private session fine tooned issues in my personal life. I will make a strong effort to be more of a higher vibrational being.

Felishia I


I felt some relief right way on over the phone session.

Adriano C

watching the broadcast again brings continual healing!

Watching this again brings the healing back! if you watch thru to the end, and you should, you can watch Chris begin a healing on me....someone who has suffered from symptoms of PTSD for over 30 years!...and has also tried many healing modalities (with only some temporary relief).....I am happy to say; that with one more additional session; I am still feeling 5000% better! The usual triggers have had no effect! Thank-you for changing my life Chris Kehler...I am still recommending you to friends as I enjoy the effects of your gifts

Broadcast here:

Penny S

Chris is a "Pioneer of Energy Healing/Work."

I do not feel or sense, as most of Chris's clients do, when he is working on them or soon after but I know for sure that his work does help various deeper levels of the clients multidimensional spectrum and much more. Although it's only been a day since Chris worked on me it seems that my skin challenge is somewhat solved and the various types of negative or unbalanced energy has left me, This makes the 3 1/2 month long wait for that appointment with Chris well worth it. We need more people like Chris. Thank you Chris.

Kevin H

Healing for shingles

I had my first appointment with Chris the other day,I was very nervous,He was able to bring clarity very quickly about the healing procedure,I had shingles 17 years ago and often would get flair ups,He addressed the root cause and I felt instant pain relief,I am looking forward to future appointments I am also spreading the word out about the wonderful modality of healing.

Daune l

this energy healing is unmatched to others'

I had a healing with Chris on Charlotte's View show. It was very interesting and has me looking at my life in a new way this morning. My "complaint" was an area near and on my liver that seemed congested. Whenever I receive an energetic healing it has felt like someone was building defenses around that area. It is an area that often feels tight, like there is a clenched fist in there.

Chris identified multiple entities that had taken up residence within me, through many lifetimes . I have been told many times that I have had many lifetimes, but never before been aware that various consciousnesses were using me and had even created pathways to exit and return. As he was intending that those energies leave my body I felt what I'll call "burblings" or little popping bubbles in that area and a feeling of overall lightening.

He ended my healing by reconnecting to my soul source. As he did that I felt energy coming into my crown, extending through my body and out my feet and hands. I'm looking forward to what's next for me. Thanks for this opportunity Chris!

Gail P

Chris is great and a great guy

I really enjoyed my session with Chris. He's a great guy and definitely knows what he's doing ! He was able to pinpoint my exact health issues, and I learned more about myself/health in the 45 minutes with him than the previous 3 years of all the doctors' visits combined.

Josh E

My Heart has been Lifted

After my first two sessions with Chris, I have to say I feel lighter, in less pain, and more grounded than I was before. With his sense of humor, he put me at ease immediately. The recent loss of my beloved cat Merlin had me in a state of depression and devastation. Chris was able to lighten my heart chakra and release Merlin's spirit after which I felt better. He also worked on cleaning, balancing, and tuning my spine, which is a major health issue in my life. I know there is more work to be done but I am most happy with the results thus far. It also feels wonderful to be clear of all that negative energy that was attached to my spirit. Thank you Chris!

Vivian S

Nice first session

Very nice first session. Hope to learn more this healing modality.

Coach R

thank you

Chris was very nice and easy going. I appreciate the information that he gave me.

Mishi C

Thanks I'm hopeful

This was my first session and I felt lighter. But within a few hours I felt my muscle tension and weakness in full force again. I'm hopeful with more sessions we can conquer this.

Linda S

Gratitude True

Could feel changes right away... Took an epsom salts bath to help detoxing. I am more grounded and relaxed. Drinking plenty of water and doing minor adjustments to keep moving the pattern out. Will want to continue working with Chris, peeling "the onion" to get to deeper entanglements. I have been for looking for someone like Chris, he is neutral, direct and powerful, as well as willing to keep learning and developing. That is a sign of a great human. Thank you Chris.

Faohorse Z

Simply Amazing

I went into our session with an open mind, and left with my mind blown, in a good way. Chris was able to uncover a lot of unseen issues that was affecting my quality of life for some time. Some things were a surprise like blood clots in my leg and black pepper contributing no my not being able to loose weight. What was not a surprise was witchcraft, voodoo used against me; also Draco, Jinn, and Lucifer entity attachments, since I work around a lot of dark energy people who can be jealous and hateful. I felt the energy moving thru my body as he was working, and felt a lot lighter when we were totally done. The biggest surprise is that I'm out of work and it has been very frustrating, not getting jobs that I was sure I would get, due to my skills. They would continually fall thru the crack at the last moment. Chris said I would now be getting phone calls and things are clear to move forward for me. I got a phone call a hour and a half after our session to schedule an interview for a very promising position. This was totally unexpected! I'm now very hopeful things have turned around for me and my life is back on track again. I'm looking forward to our next session!

Wayne G


My session went off very well. Chris has an amazing gift. I have had 4 sessions and i have to say every time it as been amazing.

Maria F


Chris is my go to energetic healer to remove difficult negative and depleting energies I experience with particular individuals or that I sense around me at odd times. These energies are dreadful and I can't tolerate them. I use healing techniques myself but in some cases not long lasting causing me ongoing energetic struggle. In sessions with Chris I immediately feel complete clearing of these troublesome energies. Knowing his skill is there and available is valuable.

Margaret F

A real light worker

I felt the heat and the energy moving through my hands, chest and leg. With each body part healing during my first session I could feel the chi blocks being unblocked by Chris. A very successful healing session and I really look forward to the next one.
Love and light to all

James L

Very Worthwhile

Vertigo is gone. High blood pressure slight drop. Vision improved.

Robert D

The extra mile and more

Chris was fantastic. He found out many things about my body problems and even about some coming from the flat and vortex It is located in. Also he found out connections that were affecting my physical body from the non physical realm. I feel very grateful.

Sofia F


I just started with Chris and I m sure I will be his gred test challenge yet . After numerous Dr visits and many mosdiagnois and Cronic debilitating I'll was that has completely taken my life from me , I was given Chris name . I have had a few sessions and he is trying and wants to do his very best to find the ailment . Like he said forget the drs . When they don't know people come to me. I will keep on persevering with him with the hopes that he will be able to save me from the problem. We all have to have faith.

Michelle T

life changing

I had suffered with acne for getting on 11 years with a perfect diet and even a vegan diet the last year but my acne never changed and it was very depressing to wake up and try and cover such bad skin. My mum discovered Chris Kehler and booked me in straight away. When Chris called he got straight into healing and within an hour i could see such a difference. My face had calmed right down and smoothed out. I hadn't looked like this since i was 16. Plus i have more energy too which is a bonus! Thank you so much Chris!

Carlie M

relief from symptoms

I felt immediate relief from several symptoms and a great lightness after we had finished. Two days later I feel even more relief. My breathing is so much better and I can function so much better.I look forward to our next session with great joy and anticipation.

Susan W

Eliza W

I really appreciate Chris. I am grateful that my sister recommended him. His treatment made a great difference and cleared a troublesome area. I am looking forward to other successful sessions and highly recommend him.

Eliza W


My appointment with Chris was amazing! Chris. Worked on many different areas which was so cool and informational and mostly life Changing. My mother Andrea Gurule referred me I'm So glad she did! I will also be referring people to Chris his work Is awesome! Looking forward to my next appointment.

Liza G

Unique/Apart experience

Two hours after our call, my feet started getting warm and they are warm until this moment. Great feeling!!! It is extraordinary what Chris does. Thank you Chris.

Ineke E


Chris does an amazing job - his service is truly life-changing!

Tommi M

Awesome healing!

I've had two sessions with Chris and am so impressed with the results. Chris is a wonderful person and an awesome healer. I love that he is so open-minded regarding some of the creepier things/entities that interfere with our health and happiness. Yesterday we removed entity interference from my auditory, digestive and endocrine systems, as well as from incoming astral auditory projections...a new one on me! I feel so much more at peace this morning and feel lighter as if I lost ten pounds. Looking forward to more sessions in the new year. Many thanks Chris.

Susan O

Purr-fect in Every Way!

Chris was able to work on my three cats, who had been suffering terribly with mites, especially Marley. Marley is now so much calmer and has pretty much stopped pulling his hair out. Then Chris went on to work with me, my scoliosis/back issues plus an recently injured knee. I could feel tingling and heat and energy moving through my body while he was working his magic. Amazing stuff. Thank you Chris.

Vivian S

Great energy healing

Thank you Chris for the healing session and the precious information. I felt so energized and happy after the session!

Mircea (Eugene) M

the best and most powerful healer I've met

Chris is the best and most powerful healer I've met. He is a blessing to anyone who works with him. I couldn't be more grateful.

Susan S

The healing from your show helped, thank-you

I just wanted to thank you for the healing you did for me today on your call-in healing show. You helped me with my depression and swollen lymph node. Your work is amazing! I would like to learn it someday soon.

Jenae G


Your multidimensional healing can only be experienced, not easily explained. I do know what you do and you are the only one that could see me and my challenges. Thank you and hope to see you soon again.

Ana S

First appointment - learned a lot!

I've just had one appointment so far, and so happy to learn the reasons for some of my health challenges. He's a treasure already!

Adele T