Manifesting Disease from the Meta-Physical
Feeling Calmness and Healing Hand Arthritis. Energetically.
The Paranormal DNA Revealed. Watchers 10.
Energetically Dealing with a Mobility Issue
The Cancer Prevention Diet
Healing Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. Headache Gone in Minutes.
2 of 2 - My Conversation with a Quantum Energy Healer
1 of 2 - My Conversation with a Quantum Energy Healer
Healing Humanity 4
Energetically Dealing with a Skin Issue
Solutions to the Gluten Sensitivity Epidemic
Relieving Physical Pain of a Broken Collar Bone in a Chat Room
How Far Can Energy Healing Work For You?
Understanding the Role of Metabolism
Dispelling the Eye of Horus
Ancient Prophetic Text
The Vaccine-Autism Link. Is There a Connection?
Relieving Physical Symptoms of Lower Back Pain and Hip Issues
Aspartame and Artificial Sweetner Toxicity
Dissecting the Quantum Energy Healing Experience
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