Liquid Light Chromium
Signs of Chromium deficiency:
- Anxiety
- Aortic cholesterol plaque
- Attention deficit disorder
- Bipolar disease
- Coronary blood vessel disease
- Decreased sperm count
- Depression
- Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde rages
- Elevated blood cholesterol
- Elevated blood triglycerides
- Fatigue
- Glucose intolerance (particularly in people with diabetes)
- Hyperactivity
- Hyper-insulinemia
- Hyper-irritability
- Hypoglycemia
- Impaired growth
- Inadequate metabolism of amino acids
- Increased risk of arteriosclerosis
- Infertility
- Learning disabilities
- Negative nitrogen balance
- Obesity
- Peripheral neuropathy
- Pre-diabetes and diabetes

Health concerns – Chromium is used for:
- Athletic performance
- Weight loss and obesity

What Chromium does:
- Aids in the control and production of insulin
- Aids in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins
- Chromium picolinate increases fat loss and lean muscle tissue gain
- Controls levels of cholesterol in the blood
- Improves glucose tolerance in people with turner’s syndrome
- Increases general resistance to infection
- Needed for energy
- Regulator of blood sugar
- Stimulates the synthesis of proteins in the body
- Suppresses hunger pains

Caution & comments about Chromium:
- Chromium is bound up into indigestible forms when it meets up the phosphates in milk
- Chromium is sometimes called glucose tolerance factor or gtf
- High levels of sugars in the diet cause chromium to be excreted through the kidneys
- If you develop a rash, either try switching brands or discontinue use
- If you feel lightheaded, stop taking the supplement and consult your health care provider.
- If you have diabetes, do not take supplemental chromium (especially chromium picolinate) without first consulting with a qualified health care provider.
- Incidence of diabetes and heart disease decreases with increased levels of chromium in the body
- Some people experience lightheadedness or a slight skin rash when taking chromium.
- There is no evidence that chromium is toxic, even in high doses, since any excess is excreted. However, it is suggested that you do not take more than 200 mcg daily unless supervised by a registered practitioner.
- Vitamin C increases the absorption of chromium
- White flour and white sugar steals chromium by stepping up insulin production, which in turn flushes out chromium.

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