Liquid Light Manganese
Signs of Manganese deficiency:
- Atherosclerosis
- Bone remodelling
- Confusion
- Convulsions
- Eye problems
- Hearing problems
- Heart disorders
- High cholesterol levels
- Hypertension
- Irritability
- Loss of hair color
- Memory loss
- Muscle contractions
- Pancreatic damage
- Profuse perspiration
- Rapid pulse
- Reduced growth of hair and nails
- Skin rash
- Tendency to breast ailments
- Tooth-grinding
- Tremors

Health concerns – what Manganese is used for:
- Hypoglycemia
- Minor injuries
- Tendon and Ligament repair
- Tardive dyskinesia

What Manganese does:
- Aids in the formation of mothers’ milk
- Aids in thyroid hormone function
- Important cofactor in the key enzymes of glucose metabolism
- Increases antioxidant activity
- Key element in the production of enzymes needed to oxidize fats and to metabolize purines
- Necessary for the synthesis of bone
- Needed for healthy nerves
- Needed for protein and fat metabolism
- Needed for a healthy immune system
- Required for reproduction
- Used in energy production
- Used in the formation of cartilage and synovial (lubricating) fluid of the joints

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