Liquid Light Selenium

Selinium aides in the protection from free radical damage and heavy metal toxicity.

Signs of a Selenium deficiency are; aging skin, exhaustion, chest pains, hair loss, high cholesterol levels, hypothyroidism, impaired growth, infections, inked to cancer, linked to heart disease, liver impairment, pancreatic insufficiency, reduced immune activity, sterility.

Selenium aides in the support of; asthma, atherosclerosis, cancer risk reduction, hypothyroidism, HIV, macular degeneration, osgood-Schlatter’s disease, pap smear (abnormal), retinopathy (combined with vitamin A and vitamin E).

Selenium helps support; alleviates hot flushes and symptoms of menopause, detoxify alcohol, many drugs, smoking, and some fats, helps treat dandruff, improves liver function, increases male potency and sex drive, maintains good skin, maintains healthy eyes and eyesight, maintains healthy hair, impede the aging process, pancreatic function, tissue elasticity, activate thyroid hormones, cancer prevention, heart and circulatory disease prevention, free radical damage and heavy metal toxicity protection, immune system stimulation, treatment of arthritis.

Cautions about Selenium; Selenium can be toxic in very small doses. Selenium supplementation should be taken with vitamin E to ensure that selenium works most efficiently. Symptoms of excess include blackened fingernails and a garlic-like odor on the breath and skin. Take no more than 500 mcg. daily unless supervised by a registered practitioner.

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