Distance Healing
I offer a form of distance healing that really works! The energy from my tools works just the same over the phone and Skype as it does if you were in my office. Over half of my clients are from other city's in other countries.
Krystaline Energy Tools
Krystaline Energy tools are by far the most effective way of neutralizing stressor frequencies in the body. By simply standing within the energy field of these tools, one can actually feel the energies moving within the body. Along with carying these tools on our web store, we are a distributor and can also be purchased wholesale. Please call for wholesale enquiries.
Foot Bath Detox
This is by far the most efficient ways to rid your body of harmful toxins. Within a 30 minute session, up to three years worth of toxins will eliminate from your entire body.
Live Blood Analysis
By simply obtaining a drop of blood from a finger, your blood can be viewed on our 17 inch monitor. With dark field live blood microscopy, many actual live issues within the blood can be seen, such as uric acid, bacteria, parasites and so on.
This sample shows iron deficiency. The dounut shape of the red cell indicates low hemoglobin. This means that iron is not being absorbed into the blood.
This condition is called Rouleau. This can be caused by a few different things. High protein in the blood, inflammation, high acid levels or, electricity charge in the blood is off balance.
This is a large parasite or worm. You can get these from water, raw fish or not washing your hands properly after using the toilet.
Uric acid crystals are an indicator that the urinary system is out of balance. If you get these in your big toe it's called gout. In your joints and you have joint pain.
This is called protoplast. It is an indicator of possible anti-biotic use, digestive problems or yeast infections.
These black lines are called spicules. They can indicate liver or digestive problems.