When the Healer Needs Healing
Explanation of Radionics, a Mass Healing and the Importance of Grounding
Quantum Healing - Hope or Hype?
Let Love be Your Hero
A Psychics Party with a Splash of Quantum Energy Healing
Energy Work vs Cut, Burn, Poison
Eat this God's Food to Energetically Raise Your Consciousness
Justin's Sleep Improves with the Sun Ring
Is Your Health Being Run by a Hologram?
What's Your Intent? Blessings vs Cursing - Where is Your Direction Focused?
Exensive Questions on Quantum Energy Healing - Charlotte's View Radio
Are Your Health Issues Layered in Hidden Ancient Alien Technology?
Instantaneous Ankle and Arthritis Healing
Neutralization Ring Improves Sleep Quality
Why is the Pyramid Shape Physically Healing the Body?
Psychic and Energetic Healings with Chris and Sinlou
The Psychic Partners Experience Quantum Energy Healing
Get Practical, Tangible Health Results from Quantum Energy Healing
Energy Express Healings with Tim and Chris
Morning Coffee with a Side of Quantum Energy Healing - The Bob Charles Show
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