Shattering the Reptilian Control Grid, Black Magic, Voodoo, Black Goo
Pain from Stargates
Update on 5D
More 5D Info
Welcome to the Fifth Dimension
2015 Retrospect
More 5D Updates
Evolution and Creation
Multi-Dimensional Healing and Documented Disclosure from a Parellel
Spiritual Surgery in the UK - Quantum Energy Healing Works
New Ways to Use the Sun Ring
Energy Healing at an Expo
Heart Resonance
Welcome Caravan to Midnight Fans
Lunchtime with Quantum Energy Healer
Resources You Will Find at Chris Kehler Holistic
Caravan to Midnight - John B. Wells with Chris Kehler - Trailer
Reptillian Rapture
Solutions to ET, Reptillian and Curse Interference - The AMMACH Files
New Website and Course
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